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Microsoft Zira spitting B A R S


I'm as happy as a faggot with a bag of dicks i'm laughing at the fag who's asking what the damage is - i'm lamping for fat cash with blood splatters straight out the nose bone -cocaine and grey matter mix like snow and a snow blower throw punches to the dome then his head cracks open like a snow globe
carve out the brains and eat it like some fro yo then leave the stem hanging like a yo yo- I'm shitting out my insides while hoping that this bitch dies so she'll stop screaming when i take a bite out of them thick thighs -
rummage with her insides my knife finds her stomach before she gargles in the blood and acid filling up her lungs you could say i have a sharp tongue with a taste for the masses and those among them with fat asses who needs cash when you can eat the remains from car crashes
And who needs gash when you can make your own with hatchets all i know is that my heart is darker than coffee stains
and that i'm sharper than migrainn and that pain needs to be inflicted you might call me sadistic i call you a statistic Don't get it twisted you better run like the olympics or be my next delicious victim


from Raw Beat Vol​.​1, released April 26, 2016



all rights reserved


Cannibal Johnson

Melbourne, Australia

Beats now, Raps later.

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